05 December 2012

Night man dives into
forgotten river into
ribbon of gone unsaid

A narrow light
ongoing elegy
how continuously
the brain vein stretches
how continuous my open mouth
opens to form a hole a hole
is a hole a hole

The outline of my body
seen from below
concrete overpass
tagged by night thugs'
bubbled lettering

Ask me anything you want
Anything you want, just ask

I said, I want to know
how deep these holes go
I want to know how deep
the dead holes go
how continuous

I said, You move too fast

It was cold
and the blanket stank
and the night man could reach
into February
always into February
until February

Turned into internal

The light was a blue light
it was and how continuous
this how continuous this
night man this hole this
river mouth opened
into open sea

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